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Stu Stuart's mass-appeal style of comedy is clever, witty and unpredictable with an unexpected edge.  He presents his comedy in a comfortable and witty manner causing you to think, then laugh, all while continually pulling the rug out from you when you least suspect it, says the Seattle Times.

His delightfully different slice-of-life comedy is enjoyed by people of all ages. He's proof you don't have to be dirty to be funny.  He's sometimes dark, but always humorous.  Every once in a while a comedian comes along, who really hits home--this is Stu.

  His conversational style of in-the-moment and often improvised comedy is a delight to watch and guarantees no two shows will be exactly the same.  This is one of the reasons many people return year-after-year to see his show.
    In addition to performing stand-up comedy, he is the founder of Belgian Beer Me!, which specializes in beer tours of Belgium, and Bamberg Beer Me!, which specializes in beer tours of Bamberg, Germany.   Visit BelgianBeerMe.com and Bambergbeerme.com for details.

    He also teaches Beginning Stand-Up Comedy at the Experimental College at the University of Washington, Seattle.  His resume includes being a sitcomwriter, and a humor columnist for the Porcupine Press and the Mackinac Island Town Crier.  The Porcupine Press is available at finer Shell stations throughout Northern Michigan.

   Stu divides his time between Mackinac Island and Grand Marais in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Traverse City, Michigan.

Stand-Up Dates

"Farewell Comedy Tour 2013," 
marked the end of my 19-year run on Mackinac Island, Michigan, performing stand-up comedy.
  While you'll still find me living on Mackinac for part of the summer, I will not be performing my regular run of shows.  I am, however,  available for an occasional private group show.  If you would like to book a show for your group, convention, bat mitzvah, etc., drop me an email at stustuart33@gmail.com or call (231) 215-0173.

Here's a nice article about the retirement of my Mackinac Island comedy show in the Town Crier. 

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Seattle Shows

•    TBA, Seattle Comedy Underground, Another edition of the The BIG SHOW with Stu and his comedy students from the ASUW Experimental College. Get a front-row seat for the show that turns average people into stand-up comedians.   109 S. Washington St., 8 p.m., $10, tickets available at the door, no coupons please, all ages welcome! 

For bookings or other information, contact Stu at: stustuart33@gmail.com or (231) 215-0173.

Beginning Stand-Up Comedy Class

The entire Experimental College is on hiatus for the 2016-17 academic year. Stay tuned for when it will resume. Hoping for Nov. 2017. In the meantime, I suggest taking Peter Greyy's comedy class, Ron Reid's former class, classesandworkshops.com/acting-classes/stand-up-comedy/

Fall Quarter 2016: No class

Winter Quarter 2017: No class

Spring Quarter 2017: No class

    Treat yourself to a walk on the funny side. Course is offered by professional comedian Stu Stuart through the ASUW Experimental College in Seattle. Course meets three times on the University of Washington campus and a fourth time at the Seattle Comedy Underground for the Big Show, where students have an opportunity to perform in a real comedy club. Course fee is $95 for general public and $75 for UW students.

     Stu has been teaching Beginning Stand-Up Comedy since 1991. Since then, he has taught hundreds of students.  Fellow-professional-comedian and class alumnus, Peter Greyy (pictured in the latest in sweater-vest apparel) often assists in teaching the class, drawing from his Wikipedia-like knowledge of comedy and years of experience.  Peter is also the talent coordinator for the Seattle International Comedy Competition.

     Stu typically teaches the class three times each year. The class is  a great experience for those who want to learn the basics of stand-up comedy. It takes a lot of courage, and it's a lot of work writing and performing comedy. But in the end, not only do students have a lot of fun and learn about comedy, but they develop a greater self-confidence and a belief that anything is possible," says Stu, adding, "I've found that the average person, given some coaching on the mechanics of stand-up and given some moral support is very funny on stage."


Stu's Comedy Class on Evening Magazine in Seattle

    Stu also teaches his "Belgian Beer Me!" beer appreciation class through the Experimental College, course w-290.


For more information and to register call (206) 543-4375 

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Course Number 2706

Register early to insure your place as course typically fills rapidly.